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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 13, 2013 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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wrap up upped the blankets tonight. we'll find out when warmer weather will return and recommendations on gun control by the white house a may not
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people bundle up during a very cold weekend. will it continued through the week? it'sed kind of nice you can see live above the embarcadero, 20-degree temperatures tonight.
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meteorologist leigh glaser is here to tell us what to expect. >> it will be another cold one. san jose last night, record low of 26 degrees. we're going to be in e 20s as well in most locations especially in the north bay. live doppler not picking up any returns because it is a clear night, clear skies, calm winds and we're talking a repeat performance of those freeze warnings once again overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. what is different about the warnings tonight we have included the bayshore line. so everything you see in purple which is basically the entire bay area under the freeze warning until 9:00 a.m. monday. freeze damage to crops and sensitive vegetation possible. the frost advisory is right here where the light purple is just for san francisco. we're talking temperatures low to mid-30s where the freeze warnings are. expect temperatures to dip below
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freezing as far as down to the mid 20s by tomorrow morning. how much longer will the cold snap last? we'll take a look at forecast coming up. breaking news out of oakland five people have been shot on walnut street. they were all returned to the hospital. a crew is heading to the scene. join us at 11:00 for an update. >> a family has been forced out of their home in san jose after a fire ripped through it. it sparked at a two-story house. firefighters believe it started on the roof near the chimney. family had a fire going in the fair place. none was hurt. >> a man is in custody suspected of assaulting a woman in her san francisco apartment. police arrested a 26-year-old soon after the assault last night. they say he followed the woman in, demanded money and sexually assaulted her.
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a neighbor call 911. the suspect tried to jump off the balcony but police found him hiding in the backyard. >> president obama will be sworn into office one week from tomorrow. he is wasting no time working on legislation that could define his presidency. he is working with house dlgs on a massive overhaul to the immigration system. would it would allow immigrants to pursue citizenship. legislation could be introduced this march. >> ama: vice president joe biden is putting the finishing touches on series of gun proposals but the white house may not find support for those ideas in congress. >> reporter: the president of the national rifle association says the nra has enough votes to block a ban on military style rifles. >> the likelihood they are not going to get an assault weapons ban through this congress. >> joe biden is set to deliver his proposals for tougher gun
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control laws to president obama next week. he is expected to reintroduce the assault rifle ban. universal background checks, right now they are only required when a gun is purchased at a retailer. it would close the loopholes and require background checks for any sale of a gun. and limiting ammunition clips, limiting them to ten rounds. a top lawmaker is calling on retailers to suspend assault type rifles until congress acts. >> they are flying off the shelves at our gun stores. >> it has caused a near stampede of gun buying. people lined up around the block at this gun show in manchester. another gun show in new york
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drew protestors from both sides. >> this is an opportunity for us to stand up against gun violence >>. >> nationwide run on ammo. >> there has been more demand for ammunition. >> has left big gaps on ammunition lockers. >> we don't know when the next shipment is coming in. >> ama: san francisco police are busy doing, 49ers game, 92 people were ejected from the sold out game. another 25 were arrested for public intoxication. they arrested two other people on suspicion of auto burglary. another 62 people had to be looked at medical staff. niners advanced with a victory over the packers and play atlanta next week. >> hockey fans got a first feek at the sharks.
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the players are back on the ice after a lockout by team owners for the three first months of the season. >> i love it. i didn't think it was going to happen this quickly but when we found out it did, we got so excited. we got here about 8:00 this morning. it's great to see our packers sharks again. >> they at the will face the coyotes. >> a popular pizza restaurant has been fined for not following health laws. they didn't use money collected for employee health care benefits. a city put 4% surcharge to cover costs. the restaurant will pay $320,000 to provide health care benefits to current and former employees. >> another problem for boeing's plane of the future. company's response after several
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where a hoveround can take you! >> ama: survivors and victims' relatives in italy marked the shipwreck that left 32 people dead. they inveiled memorials in central italy. on this day last year the ship hit a massive rock that tore a hole in the ocean liner. >> it's going to be exactly that moment it happened. >> in an interview today the
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ship's captain again blamed others for failing to inform him of the situation in time. it remains grounded on it's a side and may take until september to prepare the ship to be rolled upright and towed. >> park rangers in kenya believe it would help elephants. it would set perimeters around the elephant reserve. if it's breached by posters possible. it isn't the only high-tech plan to help elephant poaching. google has donated $5 million to set up a drone system. it would set up fines for careless handling of trash. multiple violations could involve in a large fine. incline village passed one in 2007 and saw a significant drop
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in incidents. >> another boelg 787 dream liner grounded. the problems with the liner boeing considers the future of air travel. >> in the bay area, it will be another chilly notice but how long will the cold last. leigh glaser lets us know next with the forecast. >> we're down to the final four. we'll match them up.
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>> ama: after months of dropping gas prices, they are on the rise again. it's gone up one cent and two cents in the last month. national average is 3.30. in california, it's 3.62. in the bay area gas is selling
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for an average of 3.67 on gallon. >> there more problems with boeing luxury jets. several flights why cancelled after a dream liner inspection threw out a sign of trouble for the high-tech plane. looking at the problems and boeing's response. >> the boeing 787 has been dubbed a plane of the future. a complex future made of carbon fiber and lighter and more fuel efficient. it came out to great fanfare in 2012 but tonight problems has boeing scrambling to do damage control. japan airlines reported one of their 787s in tokyo leaked 25 gallons of fuel from a valve. the plane which has been grounded was being inspected after spilling fuel on boston runway. the same week, they battled a blaze on another 787.
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otherwise, they chalk these up to teething problems. >> there is no question they would ground it if there was anything seriously wrong with 78 7. >> on friday, the federal aviation administration announced comprehensive review of the plane, but officials didn't waiver in their support. >> we are confident about the safety of this aircraft. we're concerned about these distinction and conduct a review until we are completely satisfied. >> boeing says the plane is important for the future of aviation and will have a huge impact on american jobs. once these things are working worked out it will set a new standard for the industry. leigh glaser is here to let us know what the temperatures are going to do. >> as we head into wednesday and thursday morning, we have been noticing. winds are picking up a bit. you can see the cameras shaking from high definition mount tamalpais camera.
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pretty gusty north winds there. looks like the winds will continue to pick up mainly in the north bay and mainly in the higher elevations. those winds start to reach surface some of those overnight lows will be not as cold. we'll continue to monitor this as we head through the evening. one thing is for sure, live doppler 7-hd is clear. there is no rain out there, no rain in the offing. morning lows, santa rosa 24. livermore, 25. redwood city, down to 28 degrees. 26 degrees setting a record low for san jose this morning. overnight tonight, early tomorrow morning as well as tuesday morning, will you notice temperatures by tuesday morning, will come up a little bit. overnight tonight, still in the mid to low 20s in the interior valley area. santa rosa getting up to 25
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tonight. oakland 32. 24 for livermore. san jose down to 28 degrees. check out tuesday morning, where the warmer air mass starts to sink in, overnight temperatures will come up four or five degrees. a little more comfortable overnight as we head into that time fme. 44 degrees in napa. 43 in novato. north winds are starting to move in through the valleys. temperatures actually come up 6 degrees in the last hour or so. an indication there are some winds and 32 in concord and 44 in livermore. here is a look at our forecast. continue with that freeze warning overnight. cool mornings through mid-week and then after that we will start to warm up as temperatures climb up back into the 60s by the end of the workweek. here is a look at the freeze warning map. much of the bay area, dark purple shading on the map, temperatures low 30s to mid 20s
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overnight tonight. that warning is in effect until 9:00 a.m. monday. then we do have that freeze advisory which just includes this little light shading here in san francisco and looking for temperatures, low to mid-30s overnight tonight early tomorrow morning. 26 for san rafael. 36 for san francisco. we'll look for 28 for san jose and 24 degrees expected in the livermore valley area. cold air mass over the bay area. high pressure starts to build in tomorrow and all of that is going to shift to the east. you can expect warmer weather as we head through the latter part of the workweek. mid to low 50s across the bay area. 51 in san francisco. low to mid upper 40s inland. gilroy, 52 and 52 for watsonville. seven-day forecast, better weather, warmer overnight as
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well as during the day as we go through wednesday and thursday and friday. valley fog for us on wednesday and by friday, mid-60s around here. >> ama: mike is here with sports. >> shu: warriors visiting to face the nuggets. they handed a denver high fifth straight win. vote of confidence he will return that season. david lee, two-handed jam. 13 boards, jeff curry, seven 3's in the game. warers are up two at the half. nuggets started the fourth with 19-2 run. led denver with 21. the dagger in the heart, one-handed slam, warriors have lost three of their last four games. >> stanford against opponents on
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line against cal. stanford down 4. michela, 14 off the bench. britney led them all, with 19. 67-65 victory. the 49ers are headed to atlanta to face the falcons in the title game. they blew their 20-point lead twice. ryan has not won a playoff game and tony gonzalez and he wasn't done. they call him mattie and td, two minutes left in the third. jason snelling, game over, right? not so fast. 21 unanswered in the fourth led by wil russell wilson.
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34 seconds remaining, lynch gets the lead and 31 seconds, plenty of time. two deep passes from matt including this 19-yarder puts them in field goal range. kicker misses the 49-yarder for the win. pete carol called a time out to freeze the kicker. he gets one more chance. right down to the middle. 49ers at the falcons play atlanta for the n.f.c. title. it was a local kid making all the noise for the patriots. former cal bear, shane vereen, a pass to him, he walks in 17-3. texans answer with ten points in the final two minutes of the half. airian foster and 14 points in the third.
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including this one to brandon lloyd. pliarlg of the game, great throw and better catch. 41-28 and they get the ravens for a rematch of last year. i guess we can say better late than never. national hockey league walkout is over. training camp is over tonight. it starts practice and packed house giving their fans a salute. then it's back to work. seven days to prepare for the opener in calgary. first time the teams are back since their exit and they are excited. >> getting back to town and knowing everybody is here it's a different feeling. it's been scattered since the walkout. >> it will be come presentsed. today was a good start. guys are in shape.
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we'll be ready to go. >> first major of the year, australian open, venus williams defeated her opponent. she had 21 winners and finishes with a backhand winner and moves on. maria sharapova and a winner in straight sets. we'll tee it up as another rookie wins in hawaii. we'll see you at 11:00. an oscar contender claimed the top spot. who came out on top. and tomorrow on "good morning america," robin roberts these sweet honey clustery things have fiber? fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals.
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